How Do I Clear My Gut Health? Strategies For A Balanced Digestive System


Gut health refers to the complex system including GI tracts and intestines which govern what we eat and drink. As explained before, these are complex and often run into problems so like oiling a machine we might need to treat it properly to get it up and running.

Symptoms of bad gut health

There are certain symptoms that could point out to you having poor gut health. That could include-

  1. Digestive issues- This could include building up of gas, bloating, and constipation. People also suffer from loose motions otherwise known as diarrhea.
  2. Abdominal cramping- It could lead to cramping which means consistent pain in the abdominal area. A heartburn or reflux could also be a cause of worry. This occurs when the gas travels to your respiratory area causing a lot of distress.
  3. Changes in appetite- Once your gut health is not good enough, it might cause your appetite to diminish. You might feel hungry as you should and this will make you weaker.
  4. Mood disturbances- An upset stomach can never elevate your mood levels and you will end up becoming cranky. This could also lead to problems related to memory, cognition, and concentration.
  5. Skin conditions- Scientists also believe that people with poor gut health can also suffer from skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis.
Clear My Gut Health

How do I clear my gut health?

There are a number of ways to clear your gut health but following these could really make a difference.

  1. Diet- This includes eating a wide variety of vegetables and fruits in your cuisine. It could be as simple as apples or as complex as oatmeal. Listen to your body and eat mindfully. Another way is to eat lots of food that is rich in fiber. They not only satiate you but also prevent you from binge eating which could be the primary cause of bad gut health. Probiotics like kimchi should be a staple ingredient in your diet to help the healthy bacteria grow in your gut.
  2. Hydration-  Water is often overlooked as a simple task but it could have meaner implications than you imagine. Drinking water filters all the unwanted toxins in your bloodstream and will also aid in digestion.  Aim for at least 2-3 liters a day to get an optimal result.
  3. Avoid processed sugars and foods- No matter how tasty they seem, they don’t add any worth to your gut or digestive system. So you could ideally ignore foods like sugars which may even make you increase weight and meddle with your blood sugar level.
  4. Prebiotics- This includes a class of foods that can prepare a conducive environment in your gut for the bacteria to thrive. It includes garlic, onions, and geeks.
  5. Manage stress- Believe it or not, stress can play a major role when it comes to working with the gut. Mostly, people who are stressed indulge in binge eating sessions which mess up their digestive system. Moreover, abdominal cramps are common when you lack peace and calm.
  6. Sleep- We couldn’t stress this more. Half of your problems would just vanish if you slept properly. Take 8 hours of regular sleep to help your circadian rhythm and even sense hunger and improve what you eat. Studies show people who are sleep-deprived are prone to eating added sugars and junk foods.
  7. Exercise regularly- Exercise is not only to have a fit body or train for sports. Exercise ensures the proper functioning of the systems in the body. It can regulate your blood pressure and also relieve stress which can help alleviate the symptoms of bad gut health.
  8. Avoid unnecessary use of antibiotics- Allergies need antibiotics to be treated but don’t pop them as much as you want. It can not only decrease the effectiveness but also lead to gut problems like diarrhea and constipation.
  9. Consider probiotic supplements- In many cases, people might not be getting enough probiotics. In such a case, you could consider taking supplements.


The conclusion we draw underlines the fact that maintaining good health is more of a lifestyle choice than a quick fix. You might need to do all the things listed above consistently and even submit yourself to a medical checkup and find out if it is working.

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