Causes Of Broken Capillaries On Face: Unveiling The Triggers


Broken capillaries are also known as spider veins because of their look. Also, they do not cause any serious health conditions. Even though they can occur in any part of the body, they become problems for many people when they occur on their face.

Thus, broken capillaries are a serious problem for many people when they occur on the face because they make them look bad. 

If you are also suffering from these tiny lines beneath your face’s skin surface, then you should know their causes.

When you know the exact cause of the problem, you can get the best solution for it. Therefore, keep reading to understand the real cause of the broken capillaries on your face.

Get An Understanding Of Broken Capillaries

A broken capillary is a tiny blood vessel in our body’s network of veins that carries blood, oxygen, and nutrients to the cells in our body. Also, capillaries are the smallest blood vessels, but when they become dilated or broken, they can be seen on the skin’s surface of our faces.

Major Causes Of Broken Capillaries

Moreover, you may like to know that these dilated blood vessels are called telangiectasias. Additionally, when these broken capillaries appear on the face, they often form a small cluster or web-like structure and have a red color.

Exploring The Major Causes Of Broken Capillaries

It is not only about broken capillaries, and you should know the exact causes of any problem. When you know the real cause of any health condition, you can get the best treatment for them. Thus, explore the different causes of broken capillaries to find out the specific one that is responsible for your condition.

1. Due To Ageing

As you become older, your blood vessels become weaker. Also, when your blood vessels are weaker, you can suffer from several health conditions more easily, including broken capillaries. For example, you know wrinkles can occur on your face when you get older; it is the same with broken capillaries.

Thus, if you are old and suffering from this skin condition, then you should ignore this. However, if it is affecting your career in any way, then you should consult a dermatologist.

2. Long-Term Sun Damage

You can find many people who don’t have enough vitamin D in their bodies, which they can get from the sun. Interestingly, you can find many people who have damaged their skin due to long-term exposure to the sun.

Thus, when you sit under the sunlight for a long time without any protection, your skin can be damaged, and you can suffer from broken capillaries. Also, when your skin is damaged from the sun, it may lose its elasticity, which can lead to broken capillaries. 

3. Lifestyle Choices Like Alcohol Consumption

If your lifestyle choices are bad, then you can suffer from broken capillaries. Bad lifestyle choices mean when you eat lots of processed and sugary food and don’t do exercises regularly.

Also, when you drink lots of alcohol and smoke cigarettes daily, you can suffer from broken capillaries on your face and other areas of your body. Thus, you should know that when you consume alcohol and smoke, your blood vessels become weaker, and your veins can be inflamed.

4. Skin Injury Or Trauma

Injuries are not good for your blood vessels, and they can lead to broken capillaries. Well, if injuries happen because of accidents, then it is understandable, but sometimes people get themselves injured. For example, if you clean your face harshly, then there is a chance of skin injury. Therefore, you need to be careful with your skin, especially your face.

5. It Can Be Genetic

If your broken capillaries are a genetical problem, then it is unfortunate, isn’t it? Well, it is possible, and surprisingly, it is one of the main reasons. Therefore, if your family members, including your grandparents, have broken capillaries, then you are at a higher risk of suffering from this condition.

6. If You Are Suffering From Certain Health Conditions

If you are suffering from certain health conditions or taking certain medications, then you can suffer from broken capillaries. For example, Rosacea is a skin condition that can cause broken capillaries and other problems to your skin.

Also, certain medications, like female hormone medicines, can cause broken capillaries. Additionally, if you are overweight or pregnant, then you are at a higher risk of suffering from this condition.

7. Vomiting And Sneezing Can Also Cause It

Sneezing is a normal thing that almost everyone experiences daily. Also, vomiting is not a serious health condition unless it is happening due to serious illnesses.

However, when you sneeze or vomit with excess pressure, it can break your tiny blood vessels. Thus, you can suffer from broken capillaries by vomiting and sneezing as well. 

What Are The Treatment Options Available For Broken Capillaries?

When broken blood capillaries appear on the face, a doctor can diagnose them through a visual examination. Also, there are many treatment options available, and you can consult with your doctor for the specific one for your condition.

Thus, you should know that laser therapy is a noninvasive choice that uses light to heat and eliminate broken capillaries. 

Also, there is intense pulsed light (IPL) therapy that works similarly to laser therapy. Moreover, thermocoagulation is a treatment for broken capillaries that wave for the same purpose.

Additionally, you have a surgical option, Microphlebectomy, which involves tiny incisions and the removal of spider veins without scarring. 

Final Words

Broken capillaries can make you look bad, just as acne and wrinkles on your face do. For your convenience, we have explained what broken capillaries are in the above article.

Also, when you want an effective treatment for any medical condition, you have to know its exact cause. Thus, we have explored the causes of broken capillaries on the face. 

Therefore, explore all the causes and find out your specific cause. Also, we have explained the treatment options for broken capillaries. However, you should consult with your doctor to decide which treatment you should go for.

Additionally, you can try some home remedies like applying cold compresses and aloe vera gel to the affected area on your face.

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