Can Chronic Back Pain Be Cured? Discover The Relief Methods


Can we cure back pain permanently? 90% of back pain heals quickly. In 10% of cases, it becomes chronic. Promoting healing requires early consultation and appropriate treatment.

Pain In The Lower Back

Lower back pain is an important health problem due to its high frequency. The rate of those who have had severe back pain at least once in their life is 75-85%. This is the most common reason for referral to primary care physicians in the adult population. The area of the lower spine is the body’s center of gravity and is affected by almost all body movements. Therefore, this area is subject to constant and repeated stresses.

Causes Of Back Pain

The causes of back pain can be divided into mechanical, degenerative, and inflammatory causes.

👉 Mechanical And Degenerative Causes

They are the Causes of almost 95% of all back pain. Mechanical reasons are: Lumbarization, sacralization, increase in lumbar lordosis, disc herniation, trauma, and back pain due to weak muscles.

Degenerative reasons are tissue aging and calcification due to other reasons. Mechanical and degenerative pain in the lower back is a pain that decreases with rest, increases with movement, often decreases with heat, increases with cold, and increases or decreases depending on the position of the body, and there is also short-term stiffness in the morning; there is no change in blood laboratory findings.

Causes Of Back Pain

👉 Inflammatory Causes Of Lower Back Pain

Back pain caused by inflammation is a painful condition characterized by pain in the axial skeleton and sacroiliac joints. It is most often associated with ankylosing spondylitis; however, it may be present in other seronegative spondyloarthropathies such as psoriatic arthritis, enteropathic arthropathy, juvenile idiopathic arthritis, and reactive arthritis.

The characteristic of this pain is that the pain increases at rest and at night, and decreases with activity. The pain is intensified by the application of heat. There are changes in blood laboratory findings ( such as sedimentation, CRP, and fibrinogen)

How To Treat Back Pain?

👉 Medicine And Rest

In the case of degenerative diseases and mechanical pain in the spine, the therapy is rest for 48-72 hours in the acute phase of the pain along with medication therapy with analgesics, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, and less often corticosteroids. After the resting phase, the patient should gradually return to normal daily activities

👉 Exercise And Physical Therapy

Strengthening the muscle and maintaining a certain degree of flexibility is extremely important in fulfilling the loads that are transferred to our lumbar vertebrae. To achieve this, certain exercises are required. What should not be forgotten is that not all types of exercises may be suitable for every patient.

The type of exercise will change depending on whether the disease is acute or chronic, the type of disease, the physical and social needs, and the age of the patient. In other words, the exercises should be determined according to the patient. Exercises should be recommended to the patient by his doctor.

Various physical modalities ( surface and deep heat, various types of electrotherapy, mechano procedure) can be applied to patients with back pain: The effects of these therapies are pain reduction, muscle relaxation, tissue regeneration, and acceleration of the recovery process. The form and duration of physical therapy should be prescribed according to the characteristics of the patient and the disease.

Is Surgery Necessary For Back Pain?

Surgical treatment of patients with back pain is a necessary treatment method in cases where multiple nerve roots and nerves leading to the bladder are simultaneously affected and in cases of cauda equina syndrome where there is a progressive loss of strength in the foot or leg. The situation should be evaluated very carefully in operations that are performed only for pain relief.

Various complementary treatment methods can also be used to relieve back pain. These include acupuncture, spinal manipulation,mesotherapy, prolotherapy, and ozone therapy.

Rules To Be Applied To Protect Against Back Pain

  • The patient should not be in the same position for a long time.
  • Sitting and standing time should not exceed 45 minutes
  • When sitting, you should use a pillow that supports the lower back
  • The area of the lower back should be protected from sweating and cold
  • An orthopedic mattress should be used for sleeping
  • The most suitable position for lying is on your side with your legs slightly bent at the hip and knees.

Wrap Up

It is worthy of note that whether you are 30,50, or 70 years old. The intervertebral discs wear out, leading to stiffening. You should make early medical consultation with your doctor in order to ameliorate any possible back pain condition.

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