Bowel Cancer Stomach Noises Symptoms - Is Your Stomach Making Gurgling Noises?


Often we see or experience a gurgling sound that our stomach makes when we are hungry or have had enough to eat. These are normal, but if these stomach noises are accompanied by other signs, then it may lead to underlying conditions of your health.

The stomach is a major part of your digestive system and with the large intestine and small intestines playing a part in it you should take proper care of what you put in there. In this blog, we are going to discuss why your stomach makes gurgling noises and how it is connected to bowel cancer.

Why Does Your Stomach Make Noise?

When your stomach makes funny noises, it can be embarrassing in front of people. But it is a clear sign that your body, especially your stomach needs attention, which should not be neglected.

◾ As A Sign Of Digestion

Have you noticed that when you feed a newborn, you need to pat on their back to make them burp? Which will indicate that their tummy is full. The same thing happens with some adults too. If it is not a burp then the stomach makes one noise which indicates that you are full. It is like a collision of air and liquid in your stomach that occurs when the intestines move by contracting. This contraction is loud sometimes and can be heard easily.

Sign Of Digestion

◾ Indicating Hunger

At times, because of a hectic schedule, you may forget to eat your meals on time. Your stomach hurling at you is a clear sign that it needs food. The rate of contraction increases when there is nothing in your stomach to churn. It is always a good practice to have meals at two-hour intervals which will subdue the force of contraction in your small intestines.

◾ Food Intolerance

Individuals with gluten and lactose intolerance often experience gurgling noises coming out of their tummy. This is because the stomach is not able to completely digest the food which leads to the formation of gas in the intestines. Other foods like high-fiber vegetables and fruits, like beans, legumes, figs, Brussels sprouts, and prunes can also make your stomach sick.

◾ Blockage In Your Intestines

When you have been experiencing bouts of constipation and abdominal pain, you may also be having stomach noises. This is because of blockage in your intestines where the stomach stored in there is not able to move freely. It can lead to abdominal pain, vomiting, cramping, and bloating.

How Are Stomach Noises Related To Bowel Cancer?

Frequent noises in your stomach are a clear sign that there is something wrong in your digestive system and you should not overlook them. Surely, the temporary solution for the abdominal pain or blockage of the intestines can be redeemed, but if it continues for more than two weeks, then you should see a doctor. 

◾ Bloody Stools

When you see blood in your stools, that is an alarming sign of bowel cancer. From your intestines to the passage, and coming down to your rectum, these organs are at risk when you lose blood in your stools.

◾ Change In Bowel Movements

Individuals experiencing constipation diarrhea, or a mixture of both conditions tend to develop bowel cancer. These changes in bowel movements can indicate a deeper connection between stomach noises and bowel cancer. An extension of three weeks with these signs is sufficient for you to pay a visit to your doctor.

◾ Feeling Full

Losing appetite and feeling full is also one of the signs of bowel cancer. You may also lose weight without any reason when you are showing signs of cancer. For some individuals, these signs seem normal and may not be detected. Keep track of what you eat and consult a doctor to avoid late detection of cancer or any other underlying conditions to your health.


Bowel cancer is directly related to the activities carried out in your intestines and abdomen. Look out for the signs that may indicate this condition and seek medical help for better recovery. You should also avoid excess sweeteners or dairy products which can worsen the condition. Eating smaller meals frequently can help you overcome the stomach noises.

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