Bilateral Hearing Loss: Challenges And Solutions!


Often the unnoticed things play the most important role in our lives. Right? Ears are like that. These paired organs on both sides of your head are often the most neglected human organs. So only when you face issues like hearing loss, do you start noticing the role of these organs in your overall well-being.

It was during my battles with bilateral hearing loss, I started appreciating the role of these small organs. It is like losing the hearing in both ears and suddenly you feel disconnected from the entire world! It is truly painful!

Bilateral hearing loss affects around 30 million people in the United States alone. Living with this hearing impairment can be difficult yet I can assure you that it is not an eternal doom. There are science-backed solutions to treat this condition coupled with natural methods. To find out about these, continue reading this article.

Understanding Bilateral Hearing Loss

As the name implies, bilateral hearing loss simply refers to natural hearing loss in both ears. In most of the cases, this happens gradually, but there are rare instances where it occurs all of a sudden.

There are three types of bilateral hearing loss, which are conductive, sensorineural, and mixed loss. While conductive hearing loss affects your outer or middle ear, sensorineural hearing loss impacts the inner ears. When both of these parts are affected, it is called mixed bilateral hearing loss.

Before delving into the deeper aspects of this, let me give a structural analysis of this tiny organ that plays an important role in hearing and balance. Your ear has three sections, external, middle, and inner. The external part of the ear that is visible is also called the ‘auricle or pinna’.

And the section beyond your eardrum is called the middle ear. Inside your inner ear, lies two important parts called the cochlea and semicircular canals. Any kind of damage caused to any of these parts can result in hearing loss and other auditory problems.

Various factors can cause bilateral hearing loss. Some of them include: aging, physical damage, ear infections, medications, exposure to loud noises, and even this condition can be congenital.

Age-related hearing loss is also called presbycusis which is mostly sensorineural. By understanding hearing loss causes, symptoms, and features as early as possible, most of these issues can be prevented at their earliest.

Understanding Bilateral Hearing Loss 

Living With Bilateral Hearing Loss

Life can be difficult for individuals who are affected by bilateral hearing loss. In many instances, people who experience hearing loss also suffer from a lack of self-esteem and zero confidence. This arises due to their inability to communicate with others. So ultimately, such a state drives the individual to socially withdraw from situations that demand communication and teamwork.

Not only does this affect the individual’s personal life, but it also impacts his professional circles. In most of these cases, the individual has to ask others to repeat themselves and they find each communication very frustrating and difficult.

Also, they have to read the lip movements of the other party and this also creates shame and embarrassment in social outings. Bilateral hearing loss leads an individual to a constant circle of self-hate and loathing where his/her emotions and mental health come to a toll. Lacking a proper social connection can make human beings mentally ill, as we all are social animals.

A study conducted among fourteen hearing-impaired participants from the age of 44 to 70 found that conditions such as hearing impairment lead to increased fatigue that can depend on their whole lives. The research was published in the International Journal of Audiology.

Another similar study published in the Indian Journal of Community Medicine explained that the social stigma against hearing-impaired people leads them to isolate themselves and as a result, they experience increased cases of depression and anxiety. Having enough coping strategies is necessary to deal with such issues. Seeking help is the first step, and the whole community's support is necessary to elevate the self-esteem of people with hearing loss.

Conventional Treatments And Their Limitations

Bilateral hearing loss can be treated using certain conventional methods. Before applying a method, the doctor will examine the type and will suggest the ideal hearing loss treatment. Anyway, the most common methods of treatment available for bilateral hearing loss are given below:

Hearing aids are one of the popular ways used to treat hearing loss. But they can’t restore your hearing power. Hearing aids can amplify the sounds you hear and some of the latest additions can even send detailed sound signals to your brain.

There are various types of hearing aids and you have to choose your type according to your specific needs and requirements.

As the name suggests, cochlear implants are specific types of hearing implants that are placed inside your cochlea or inner ear.

Individuals with moderate to severe hearing loss are recommended to use these implants. Unlike hearing aids, they don’t amplify the sounds but rather bypass the damaged ear parts to bring sound to your auditory nerves.

Also called ‘aural rehabilitation’, this kind of approach trains your brain to understand speech sounds and improve your communication. The program intends to strengthen your brain’s auditory processing capability.

However, the problem with these conventional methods is that none of them solves the issue completely. Take, for instance, hearing aids. They don’t restore your hearing but only amplify the sounds around you. Also, they can enhance all the sounds around you, even the ones you don’t want to hear.

Now look at cochlear implants. As these are surgically implanted inside your ears, it can take a tiresome process which is risky at the same time. Also, most people have reported side effects such as tinnitus and a loss of balance after setting cochlear implants.

So what all these aspects imply is that you need a holistic approach to dealing with hearing loss. The root cause of the issue can be different for different individuals and only by addressing it, a solution can be provided.

Exploring Natural Remedies And Zeneara

It was during my struggles with bilateral hearing loss, that I tried to seek a different path of healing. After trying out all kinds of conventional approaches for improving my hearing, I had reached a point where all hopes had completely vanished from me.

It was during this time that I came across some natural methods that can improve hearing ability and address bilateral hearing loss at its root. Incorporating natural and holistic treatments regained my self-esteem and enhanced my hearing clarity. These methods improve ear health naturally.

It was through one of my doctor’s I came to know about Zeneara. Zeneara is a healthy ear support supplement made using seven clinically proven natural ingredients that are completely non-GMO. It works based on recent research and clinical studies that try to support the nerve environment inside your ears.

All the natural ingredients in Zeneara hearing supplement are carefully selected and provide multiple benefits for your body. For example, one of the Zeneara ingredients is passion flower powder. Traditionally used as a calming herb, this flower can alleviate stress and anxiety associated with hearing loss.

Another ingredient in Zeneara is gingko biloba which is studied for its effectiveness as an adjuvant in treating hearing loss as per a study published in Pharmaceutical Biology journal in 2023. Once I incorporated Zeneara into my routine, I noticed improvements in hearing quality and increased relaxation. It also promoted my immunity and supported my overall well-being. You can also check out Zeneara reviews to find out more about its authority.

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Zeneara: Finding Balance And Embracing Hearing Health

Dealing with issues such as hearing loss should be done in a comprehensive way where conventional treatments can stay along with natural remedies and lifestyle adjustments. This means if you or your loved ones are suffering from issues like bilateral hearing loss, approaching conventional strategies as a singular method can’t be effective.

Instead, try to combine it with natural hearing loss remedies and lifestyle changes. More than you think, your ears are connected with the rest of your body, and maintaining optimal health can support your auditory health as well.

Experts suggest that following a light exercise, improving sleep quality, protecting yourself from loud noises, quitting smoking, etc can be effective in supporting your hearing health. You can also try out natural dietary supplements that address the root cause of hearing loss.

One such supplement is Zeneara. According to personal experience and research, Zeneara regulates the nerve environment inside your ears to support maximum hearing clarity. It also promotes restful sleep, improved relaxation, and lesser stress and anxiety. Along with Zeneara, you can practice these additional tips to maintain optimal ear health and prevent the onset of hearing loss.

  • Commit to a regular exercise routine.
  • Keep your stress levels in check.
  • Schedule regular hearing tests.
  • Do not put things such as cotton buds inside your ears.
  • Do not listen to music at loud volume in your earphones.
  • Quit smoking.

It is important to take precautionary measures like these to prevent hearing loss as you age. Also, combine these methods with natural hearing supplements like Zeneara that can amplify your hearing quality and improve your overall well-being.


Going through the aforementioned aspects, it can be pretty evident that bilateral hearing loss is a serious hearing impairment issue that affects the individual in many ways. Living with hearing loss can bring many challenges, and often drives the individual to choose a life away from society.

Not being able to actively take part in communication can drop their confidence and self-esteem and this later leads to cases like depression and anxiety. So what all these facts indicate is that we need a holistic and interventional approach in dealing with hearing loss. It is mandatory to diagnose the earlier symptoms as this can prevent further complications of deafness.

There are countless treatment methods available to care for hearing loss. Some of them are hearing aids, cochlear implants, sound therapy, etc. But all these conventional methods have some kind of drawback. It is at this point that natural hearing health supplements like Zeneara come to the fore.

Zeneara is a research-backed auditory health supplement made using seven clinically proven natural ingredients. It works by addressing the root of auditory issues and providing an overall well-being. As the supplement is free from allergens, stimulants, and habit-causing ingredients, it has no side effects.

So if you or your loved ones are suffering from hearing loss issues, it is high time you take holistic approaches that resonate with natural methods. Consuming supplements like Zeneara can amplify hearing clarity and provide you relaxation to promote mental health as well. So embark on a journey into hearing with the help of Zeneara and other natural methods to revive your auditory clarity.


1. Are there any natural methods that can be used to fix my hearing loss?

Studies have shown that plants like ginkgo biloba, astragalus, and Panax ginseng can treat hearing loss naturally. You can opt for ear health supplements that contain these ingredients like Zeneara. 

2. Can sound therapy help with bilateral hearing loss?

Sound therapy uses natural sounds or white noise to improve hearing and for hearing loss prevention. But if you have a medical condition, consulting your doctor is preferred. 

3. Can people with tinnitus take Zeneara capsules?

Zeneara is a natural hearing support supplement that improves hearing. But if you have a medical condition, consult your doctor before taking any supplements.

4. How long should I consume Zeneara for improved hearing quality?

The longer you take, the better the results will be. Having said this, it is ideal to consume the formula for at least 3-6 months. This will help your body to completely absorb the nutrients and promote a healthy nerve environment for quality hearing.



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