Why Do I Get Cold After I Eat? 5 Possible Reasons!


Feeling cold in winter after eating or drinking something is a natural process that shows the body is going through temperature changes. However, for the last few weeks, I have been experiencing cold symptoms just after eating any meals or snacks. At first, I thought it was a natural phenomenon, but the continuous feeling of cold made me worried, and I visited healthcare professionals without delay.

After diagnosis and proper evaluation, they tell me the shocking point of feeling cold after eating anything. They told me that the food which I ate and the diet which I'm going through are the major factors in feeling cold after eating. Also, there are other factors that I have explained through my experience in this article.

Why do you feel colder after you eat? is it normal?

Reasons For Feeling Cold After Eating

Feeling cold or a sudden chill after eating meals makes me not worry, but when I experience it continuously, my healthcare professionals make me aware of other reasons. It is not a natural phenomenon and can be a symptom of underlying health conditions.

If left untreated, it can make them suffer from untreatable issues. So, seeking medical conditions is the best option that I would suggest for those who are going through these conditions. 

5 Possible Reasons For Feeling Cold After Eating

1] Might Be Due To Irregular Blood Vessel Flow

Blood vessels regulate the blood throughout the body, inkling the brain. So, feeling cold after eating meals can be due to the irregular flow of blood through blood vessels, or I may have a blood vessel disorder that does not allow blood to flow.

There is a chill in the hands and legs, where there is a blockage of blood flow, and it makes me feel cold. It can be due to clotting of blood vessels or narrowing of blood vessels and arteries to fingers and toes. Also, itchiness, changing colors, and clammy and cold skin can be other reasons. 

2] Due To Consuming Fewer Calories

My doctor also suggests that feelings of coldness or chillness might be due to consuming fewer calories or carbs, as these foods do not provide warmth to the body. A lower calorie diet does not allow the body for energy production and makes the body compensate for the body temperatures to be lower and further save energy.

It is because there is a strong relationship between increased cold sensitivity and a low-calorie diet, which is the reason for feeling chilled after eating. 

3] Including More Chili And Spicy Food In the Diet

I love to eat chili every mealtime. However, my doctor shocked me that including more chili in meals can be another reason for feeling cold. Also, some of the spicy foods that are high in fats tend to decrease body temperature instantly and give cold sensitivity.

The capsaicin present in these foods sends signals to the brain that promote sweat and further evaporation, leading to cold sensitivity after eating. It lowers the internal body temperature and makes me feel cool.

4] Anemia Or Other Health Problems

Anemia, which causes a deficiency of red blood cells in the body, is another reason that makes me amazed after diagnosis. It is because the feeling of cold in the hands and legs is the major symptom of this health issue. Also, different health conditions like diabetes, kidney issues, pregnancy, and menstrual time are other reasons that can cause a cold after eating.

These diseases fluctuate the body’s natural hormonal levels and thereby lower the body temperature immediately after consuming food and drinks. 

5] Due To Diabetics That Are Uncontrollable

Diabetics is another reason that my doctor explained as a cause of cold sensitivity after eating or drinking something. It is because peripheral neuropathy is affected and results in numbness or feeling cold, especially in hands and feet. Further, it can cause other symptoms like nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, and swelling in the feet and face. 

What To Do If Feeling Severe Cold After Eating?

When I consulted the doctor about feeling cold sensitivity every time, my doctor suggested that I do various things. They tell me that I should avoid eating cold foods and drinking for some time as these can trigger the situations.

Besides, my doctor also says that I should drink more water rather than eat food because it helps regulate the metabolism in the body. Moreover, they ask me to do exercises as they can remove excessive sweat and regulate healthy blood flow all around the body and brain.

How to avoid feeling cold after eating? Try These Remedies!

After my examination, my doctor gave me various pieces of advice to maintain my body temperature. Some of the remedies that they told me to avoid cold feelings after meals are as follows:

  • The usage of ginger can help to keep the body warm and prevent decreasing body temperature.
  • Also, drinking hot beverages like coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and others can help the body to be warmer and reduce chills.
  • The proper usage of calorie foods like bananas, vegetables, oats, nuts, seeds, and other high-fiber foods can help keep the body warmer and further maintain its temperature.
  • Apart from food and drinks, managing stress is another crucial aspect that one must consider to keep the body warmer and prevent cold feelings.
  • Lastly, my doctor told me that staying active is another remedy to get a normal body temperature and avoid cold sensations.

Bottom Line

Feeling cold after eating can be an underlying health situation if it is repeated for a long time. Also, for the above reasons, it can be said that one is going through certain health traumas and needs proper medical attention, which my doctor explained to me. However, with proper care and concern, I can get rid of this situation naturally and lead a healthy life.

Moreover, my doctor also says that treatment depends on the situation and period of occurrence. So, after properly analyzing and knowing the history of my diet, exercises, and habits, it can make a person cured and active. Again, they also suggested drinking more water, living a healthy lifestyle, and avoiding elements that trigger health.

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