Are Chipotle Chips Gluten-Free? Meal Options For 2024!


Imagine a movie night! Or a thrilling game of soccer. We cannot even think about it without thinking about munching. Munching is a hobby and passion for most of us like yours truly. For munching, chips are one of the most preferred snacks in the world.

Its crispy and crunchy texture makes it a perfect companion for our emotional rollercoaster. Nowadays Chipotle chips have become quite the rage and everyone prefers it. However, what about its gluten content? Are they gluten-free or not? This article will certainly answer those questions for you. Read on to know what we uncover!

What are Chipotle chips? What do they contain?

Are Chipotle chips gluten-free

We are all crazy about Mexican food and Chipotle seasoning and chips are their best contributions. According to the natives, Chipotle is a variety of pepper which belongs to the group of Jalapenos. Jalapenos are extremely popular as toppings on pizza. However, Chipotle is often used to season chip varieties and make them better than they already are.

We all might be quite acquainted with its flavor which is both salt and sweet with a tinge of spicy at the end. The sauce or flavoring used on chips is made from fresh tomatoes, vinegar, garlic, and an assortment of spices that make it delectable in every sense. Its base could be potato, corn, or sweet potato which can add extra crispiness to the snack.

So what does it contain? Generally, an ounce of Chipotle chips might contain 150 Kilocalories which are divided between Fats, Sodium, and Carbohydrate. It also has a minimal amount of dietary fiber depending on the vegetable used. Additionally, Proteins or sugars could also be a part of the chips. What we can understand from the nutritional profile is its unsuitability as a fat-loss food but that is not what we would like to find out!

Are Chipotle chips gluten-free?

So we have heard a lot about gluten-free substances and how it is important to keep them around but what does it mean? And why do some people not eat regular chips? Before we know more about gluten-free products we should know about a particular section of diseases called autoimmune conditions.

In this condition, any person who has that is often attacked by their own body. Sounds strange right? One among them is Celiac disease which usually affects the lower digestive system. The walls of the abdomen start attacking each other when the patient eats gluten-rich food. Now what makes gluten such a danger to the body? Why does it interpret it that way? Gluten products are made of whole grains that have a sticky substance in them. This is how they become fluffy as air traps inside them.

It is also important for the rising of the dough and the bonding making it flexible to any shape without breakage. When eaten the celiac patient’s intestines identify it as a threat when it is not one. As the body starts releasing immunity protocols it begins to corrode the body as the threat is non existential. Speaking of Chipotle chips, they are usually made of corn or potato. 

If the chips are made from corn, then firstly, the maker dries the corn or maize cooks it in lime solution, and then grounds it into a thin powder. Additionally, it is seasoned with the mentioned chipotle flavoring, and this mixture is then used to make chips. When it comes to potatoes, the making includes slicing them and adding seasoning before frying. To answer the question at hand, Chipotle chips are gluten-free. This is because both potatoes and corn are:

  1. Gluten-free substances- In a general sense, both potato and corn are gluten-free. They do not share the characteristics of whole grains like wheat or barley which is often accompanied by a bran. With corn and potato not coming anywhere near to this category it is only natural for them to be free of gluten.
  2. Flavorings- Chipotle flavorings are made of simple spices like Chipotle pepper powder, salt, and various other spices. However, none of them are traditionally known to contain anything made of gluten-rich substances like wheat, rye, or barley. This means they are good to go as well.

Researchers are asking people to be cautious about cross-contamination. Cross-contamination occurs when the machine or utensil used to make a gluten-rich substance is used to make a gluten-free one. This means trace amounts remain in the new products and this could be harmful. Moreover, some additives added to the chips for flavoring could come up as gluten-rich.

How to eat Chipotle Chips?

Gluten-free people get ready with your pack of Chipotle chips and start eating them in the following ways:

  1. As a snack- This was an obvious one. As we mentioned before, we can eat it while binge-watching.
  2. Dip in Salsa- You can get your favorite flavored salsa to dip these yummy chips into them. Do go for strange combinations too.
  3. Guacamole- For a healthier option, choose guacamole made from avocado to make it tastier.
  4. Queso dip- This is another dip that can make your chips flavorful.
  5. Hummus- Try going for this chickpea delicacy and add some twist to the usual combos.
  6. Soup topping- As a unique idea you can use it and crush them on the soup as toppings. Creamy soups will taste crunchy as well.

Sum Up

Chipotle Chips are gluten-free because of their composition. People with Celiac disease can make it a part of their diet. However, you should be vary of its effects on health in the long run. They are calorie-rich and this means could add to your body fat. Though they are known to be cholesterol-free, it doesn’t make them healthy.

They are fried in oil which means they have trans fat content in bigger numbers. To make it to the safer side, you should try eating it in moderation and maybe choose a healthy oil like olive oil. You can also make changes in the method of frying like an air-fryer. In any case, you should be taking care of your health, especially with an auto-immune disease.

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