Arctic Burn Reviews: [SCAM] Why Is It Not Safe To Consume These Weight Loss Capsules?


Has anyone told you lately that you can attain your dream body by shedding as many pounds as you want without intense exercise or strict dieting? Doesn't that sound like a dream? Yes. Because there is no spell found yet to sit and lose weight. However, you must have heard of the recently launched Arctic Burn supplement which claims the same. You only need a little bit of common sense to understand that this is nothing but a mere marketing strategy applied by the tricky manufacturers to catch those individuals who are too lazy to lift a finger.

If you are not someone who is lazy as a sloth or is at least practical, then you would have instantly been skeptical of Arctic Burn the very moment you heard about the no-exercise, no-diet scheme. But, if you still think the Arctic Burn developers might have referred to some new technology, then I would tell you to wake up from your dream. Because it is dragging you pretty much away from the reality. In this Arctic Burn review, I will investigate the truth behind every claim made by the manufacturers to help you unleash the truth behind it and explain whether it is a scam or not.

Arctic Burn Reviews: [Scam] Don't Neglect The Hidden Dangers Of This Hyped Formula!

Trust me, there are a lot of twists and turns coming your way because the red flags of Arctic Burn are as clear as water, but you must have not seen them due to poor analysis. However, now that I am here to do your work easily, I will take the burden from your shoulders and help you find the scam behind the hyped Arctic Burn supplement. So start reading this Arctic Burn review without missing any of the sections.

Arctic Burn Review

What Is Arctic Burn?

Arctic Burn is a weight loss supplement marketed by a brand named Nutraville. According to the manufacturers, it is a capsulated formula designed to freeze fat away from your body without regular exercise or strict dieting. As per the plentiful Arctic Burn reviews posted online, the supplement works by freezing the stored fat in your body without exposing it to cold temperatures. That is, Arctic Burn is said to give you the benefits of a cold plunge without cold exposure therapies.

The supplement is claimed to be manufactured in a GMP-certified facility in the US using only 100% natural ingredients and is also lab-tested by a third party. Moreover, it is also backed by a 365-day money-back guarantee. In the coming sections, I will analyze the truth behind each claim, because at no cost I 3will let my readers get fooled by some random supplements.

Arctic Burn Ingredients As Per Promotional Reports

Ingredients are the building blocks of a supplement. It determines whether a supplement is worth consuming or not. The following are some of the major ingredients claimed to have been used in the Arctic Burn formula;

  • Drumstick Tree: The drumstick tree or moringa increases the levels of heat-releasing molecules. It also reduces the formation of new fat cells.
  • Olive Leaf Extract: It is a super nutrient that is well-praised for its antioxidant properties. It helps melt the fat cells, accelerating your weight loss.
  • Berberine: Berberine is one of the ingredients commonly used in weight loss supplements. It increases the level of heat-generating molecules leading your bodies burn more calories.

The other ingredients listed on the Arctic Burn reviews are holy basil extract, cayenne pepper extract, citrus bioflavonoids, and wild mango extract. Although all these ingredients are scientifically proven to facilitate weight loss, there is no proof that the manufacturers of Arctic Burn used the same ingredients to prepare the formula. Neither the team has produced any evidence to prove this, nor have we been able to find any appropriate reason to believe a claim without proof.

How Does The Arctic Burn Supplement Work?

As per the review websites, Arctic Burn works by initiating a process called fat cell hypothermia, which is freezing your fat cells to burn more calories. If you have been a keen observer, you might have already noticed that the references are cited from the online reviews and not from the official website of Arctic Burn. Do you have any idea about the potential reason behind this?

Well, the reason is that Arctic Burn does not have an official website. Can you believe it? One of the hyped supplements in the marketplace lacks an official website. If it does not have a website, then how come people thought of giving it a try? Shouldn't we give complete credit to the marketing team of Arctic Burn? They have done a wonderful job in convincing the public they should try Arctic Burn although it lacks evidence.

The team claims the supplement works by freezing your fat cells but does not explain how it freezes or which ingredients in the formula help in the process. Everything is dubious including the ingredients, which is the most important aspect of a supplement. When that is not clearly explained, how can the working process make sense?

In What Manner Does The Arctic Burn Formula Provide Help?

Each supplement emerges into the market by claiming to provide a set of benefits. Similarly, the manufacturers of Arctic Burn also have associated this supplement with a series of health benefits. Let’s see which are they:

  • Provides fat-burning benefits of a cold plunge
  • Melts store fats away without intense exercise or diet programs
  • Suppresses appetite and controls cravings
  • Boosts metabolism and regulates blood sugar levels 

Take special note that these are only a few of the claimed benefits, but when it comes to reality, you may not expect any of the aforementioned health benefits as the manufacturers haven't proven how their supplement works to deliver the results. So, these are baseless claims designed to attract potential users.

Arctic Burn Side Effects [Don't Overlook This Part]

If you think baseless supplements like Arctic Burn are effective and are free of any side effects, then you need to carefully go through this section.

Arctic Burn is a supplement that only claims to be effective. The manufacturers have not answered the questions that were asked about the original ingredients used to prepare the formula. The creators dodging such questions itself proves something is fishy with the supplement. Although nobody stops you from consuming it, it is high time you understand, that consumption will only risk your health as the baseless formula that might contain hidden allergens or the wrong mix of ingredients, will lead to severe side effects.

So, if you are worried about your health, I expect you to be a little more responsible and choose research-backed supplements. For example, since you are looking for weight loss, you may consider Puravive. It is a natural supplement backed by proper scientific evidence. For better understanding, in the coming sections, I will compare the reviewed supplement with Puravive by setting it as a benchmark.

Pros And Cons Of Arctic Burn

Right now you can guess that for Arctic Burn, more than advantages there will be disadvantages. Let’s see if you guessed right or not:


  • Arctic Burn is distributed by Nutraville 
  • It comes in the form of easy-to-swallow capsules


  • Arctic Burn does not have a website
  • It is not tested or approved by medical research facilities or government-approved organizations
  • The Arctic Burn formula might contain several contaminants, making it unsafe for regular consumption.
  • The ingredients used lack evidence 

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When Will The Effects Of Arctic Burn Become Apparent?

Arctic Burn is not a supplement that works to fulfill your dreams. It is a baseless supplement, and hence, it is going to give you a different benefit. In that case, it is better not to invest your time in Arctic Burn. Instead, you may spend as much time as you want on Puravive, because, sooner or later, it will help you achieve your dream body. The only criterion is that you will have to be consistent with it.

Is The Arctic Burn A Legitimate Product Or A Scam?

After all these, can you advocate for Arctic Burn? Starting from the website, the supplement revolves around several red flags.

Neither we know the complete details about the ingredients used, nor we are told the working mechanism properly. So, if not become skeptical, what else can the manufacturers of Arctic Burn expect from the general public? The drawbacks are crystal clear anyone can find the scam behind Arctic Burn. So, it is feasible to say that the Arctic Burn scam is legit, but the supplement is not.

Arctic Burn Availability And Pricing

Have you tried buying Arctic Burn? If yes then, you would have already understood that the supplement does not have an authentic buying link. Each link attached to each Arctic Burn promotional review is different like two poles. Sometimes they even direct you to the websites of some random supplements that were not even on your list.

So, it's your choice to get voluntarily cheated or to consciously choose to buy genuine and effective supplements such as Puravive. In the case of Puravive, you can either place your order via its official website or click the purchase link given on the review websites, as they are also genuine links. 

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How Are The Real Customers Responding To Arctic Burn?

The importance of customer reviews is known to everyone. But, have you ever come across fake product reviews? If not, then please make your way to the promotional Arctic Burn reviews. You will find a bunch of them there. Because, even after disabling the entire drawback before the public, the responses are completely positive.

You cannot even find a single complaint against Arctic Burn. ten out of ten users are satisfied and the manufacturers claim it is due to the unmatched efficiency of their unique formula. Even though it is an effective weight loss supplement, some users of Puravive are not satisfied with the slowness of the results expected from any natural supplement. That is what honest customer reviews are about.

Although I had no intention to compare the two supplements, let me do that for you so that you may understand the differences between replicas from the originals. Scroll down.

How Does The Arctic Burn Supplement Compare With Other Supplements?

Puravive is nothing like Arctic Burn. It is a healthy weight loss supplement that is made of 8 powerful tropical nutrients and plants designed to target and optimize BAT (Brown Adipose Tissue), which according to the latest breakthrough research is a new cause of unexplained weight gain. The following is a comparison table that will help you understand Puravive and Arctic Burn better:

Arctic Burn VS Puravive
Arctic Burn Puravive
Lacks official website Puravive has an official website
The ingredients originally used are unknown Puravive is made of 8 clinically proven exotic ingredients
The formula might contain artificial additives and other chemicals The formula is free of GMOs, stimulants, and other contaminants
Manufacturing standards were not followed Puravive is manufactured in the US following GMP guidelines
The supplement is not approved by the FDA The supplement is approved by the FDA
Not lab-tested for safety and purity It is frequently lab-tested to ensure its safety
It does not have a buying link It has an authentic buying link
Lacks genuine customer reviews Genuine customer reviews are not concealed
Puravive Overview

Summary: Arctic Burn Reviews

After my thorough research and the detailed facts explained in this Arctic Burn review, I was proud of myself because my intuition was not wrong. You cannot get anywhere in your weight loss journey without proper exercise and diet. Supplements that claim to offer you your dream body just with the regular consumption of their magic potion are nothing but scams and so is Arctic Burn. Although my suspicions started from this particular point, it got really bad after I realized Arctic Burn did not good reason to vote for Arctic Burn.

Hear me, choose Puravive instead. The manufacturers are not only honest about their supplements but also transparent. They are willing to accept any criticism because they know that it takes a lot of effort to stand tall in a market that is filled with competition. Have good luck with your purchase! I hope to see you back sometimes, but not with that hanging belly.


1. Can I test the effectiveness of Arctic Burn? 

Yes. You can test the effectiveness of Arctic Burn but at the cost of your health. There is no one to hold accountable because we are not provided with the details of the manufacturers. 

2. Is Arctic Burn fatal? 

Maybe not. Arctic Burn might not be fatal =, but it might ruin your health to the point where you find living hard. So, it is better to not complicate things. 

3. Does Puravive contain any allergens? 

No. Puravive is a natural weight loss supplement, that contains no common allergens such as dairy, nuts, and gluten. However, I recommend you go through the list of ingredients to ensure you are not allergic to any of them. 

4. Where can I buy Puravive? 

Puravive is available on its website for purchase. Due to the increased number of replicas, the supplement is not made available at online stores, so make sure to buy from its website. 

5. Do I require a prescription to buy Puravive? 

No. You do not require a prescription to buy Puravive, because it is a supplement and not a medication. Only medications need the approval of a professional for intake. 

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