Alum Uses And Benefits: A Natural Wonder For Health


Alum is a chemical compound found in nature. It comes in various forms. Moreover, it can be different in colors, such as white, green, and red. It is used in many ways and for many things. 

If you are interested in natural substances, then you will find alum very interesting. Also, it is possible that you are using it in your daily life but are not familiar with its true potential. Thus, this article will help you know the Uses and benefits of alum. Thereby, increase your knowledge about alum and use it in your everyday life.

Get An Understanding Of Alum And Its Properties

As we mentioned above, alum is a chemical compound found in nature. It also consists of potassium, aluminum, hydrogen, sulfur, and oxygen. Furthermore, it can act as an astringent, which can prevent the growth of bacteria. Moreover, you may like to know that it is mainly found in countries like India, England, and Germany.

Benefits Of Alum

Interestingly, it is used to make many things like styptic pencils and deodorants, and you can also consume it. Also, you should know that alum acts as an antibacterial agent that fights against harmful bacteria.

Additionally, it helps prevent and stop bleeding, and its anti-inflammatory potential helps to recover from diseases like arthritis. Moreover, it is helpful for dandruff problems and eye conditions like astigmatism.

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Exploring Various Uses Of Alum

1. Used For Water Treatment

Alum comes in different forms, and potassium alum is one of them. It is specially used as a flocculant to clean dirty water. Moreover, it does this by settling down the impurities. Thus, you can add a small amount of alum to water when you want to dissolve solid debris. However, you have to boil the water to eliminate the remaining bacteria after removing the sediment.

2. Used To Make Cosmetic Products

Alum acts as an antiperspirant, which can help you control sweat and odor. Also, it is used to make cosmetics due to this property. Moreover, you may find it interesting that alum is used to make deodorants because it can reduce sweating. Thus, it helps you stay fresh and not smell bad in your everyday life, and you may not even know about it.

3. Used To Make Fireproof Paper And Cloth

Alum can inhibit combustion, and that is why it is used to make fire-proof paper and cloth. Also, it is used in coloring fabrics in textile industries because it helps to stay the color for a long time. Thus, alum has a lot of industrial use regularly.

4. Used For Cleaning Metals

Jewelers and machinists use alum to dissolve hardened steel drill bits that are stuck in metals. Also, use alum to clean many types of metals such as aluminum, copper, brass, gold, silver, and stainless steel.

However, alum does not significantly react with these metals but corrodes carbon steel, which facilitates the removal of broken drill bits.

5. Used In Styptic Pencils And Alum Blocks

Alum helps stop bleeding from minor cuts, that is why it is used to make styptic pencils and alum blocks. Also, you must have seen alum blocks in barber shops because they gently rub it to your face after shaving to prevent bleeding if there are minor cuts.

Also, you can get styptic pencils from pharmacies to apply them to cuts to stop bleeding. Additionally, it is also used to make styptic powder that helps to stop bleeding.

Take A Glance At Some Potential Benefits Of Alum

Beneficial To Stop Bleeding 

As we have mentioned above, alum is beneficial when you want to stop bleeding. However, we have only explained that it can stop bleeding from minor cuts when it does more than that. Therefore, you should know that it can be beneficial in conditions like bleeding piles and nose bleeding.

Thus, if you want to test its efficacy for bleeding piles, then mix 1-2 pinches of alum with honey and consume it twice a day after light meals. Also, you can apply a cotton ball dipped in cold water and dusted with alum to the bleeding area during a condition like nose bleeding.

It May Help Your Wounds Heal Faster

Some studies suggest that the astringent and healing properties of alum can heal your wounds faster. However, more studies and evidence are needed to support such claims. Also, if you want to test it on your wounds, then make a mixture of alum powder with water and apply it to your wounds. You may have to do this two to three times a day to notice the result.

Treat Your Mouth Ulcers

Just as alum is effective for wound healing, its astringent and healing properties can also treat your mouth ulcers. For this, you can mix alum powder with honey and apply it to the affected area. Also, you should apply the mixture once or twice daily until your mouth ulcers are cured.

You Can Try It For Whooping Cough

If you are suffering from a condition like whooping cough, then you should try alum to manage this condition. Thus, if you want to try, then take 1-2 pinches of alum with honey every day. Also,  consume this twice a day after light meals for better results.

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Final Words

Alum is a natural substance, and it has many uses and benefits. Also, it is possible that you are using this in your daily life without knowing about it. Moreover, you must have used it as alum blocks in barber shops or in your home. Above, we have explained everything about alum.

Also, we have explained its uses and benefits in detail. Moreover, you can try some of its uses at home, like water treatment. Additionally, you can try to use it to stop bleeding from minor cuts and wound healing. However, if you want to consume it, then you should consult with your doctor first.


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